About Us

Based in Sydney, we know many Owners who had spent a lot of time and stress arranging renovations to update their Strata Units.  Simple stuff like painting internal walls, updating the kitchen and bathrooms became really hard work. The hard work is not in having the work done, but arranging the initial notifications and permissions to do so. It was clear there was no formal or structured approach, and guidelines and building information was difficult to find.

As an Event Manager and an Engineer, both at home with young families, we knew that there must be a better way for Owners to communicate with their Strata Manager and the Owners Corporation about their renovation plans.

We also knew a Building Regulations Consultant and Certifier who was experiencing the downstream effects of uncontrolled unit renovations.  Collated information could ensure all parties to the proposed renovations are made aware of relevant building regulations prior to starting works. This is the first step to help avoid non-compliant renovation works which is in the interest of the Strata Manager, the Owners Corporation, the Lot Owner undertaking the renovation and any future purchasers of the property.


Together we have found a way to provide a valuable service to property owners and the Strata Industry by applying our technical and commercial skills to simplify the recording and tracking of renovation information. 

The StrataReno platform allows an Owner to simply describe the works and attach plans and specs as needed whilst being made aware of the Building Regulations that need to be adhered to. 

StrataReno is a flexible platform that allows the Strata Manager and Owners Corporation to provide information upfront which will allow any Owner wishing to undertake a renovation to view all relevant information on the property prior to providing notice of the renovation plans. 



Over 10 years' experience as Partner and Co-Founder of Building Code Group.  Building Code Group services the Building Industry and specializes in Building Code Compliance, Fire Safety Audits/Reports, Essential Services Certification & Private Certification.  Jacqui’s business management and accounting experience has contributed to the success of Building Code Group.  Much of the initial concept for StrataReno originated from seeing first-hand the types of problems that can occur in strata schemes.  As a personal property investor in strata buildings Jacqui has direct experience with renovation projects within strata properties.  Jacqueline also has experience in large event and conference organisation and operations working at Sydney Showground (RAS of NSW), and Sydney Olympic Park.  Jacqui worked as a venue operations manager working with major clients such as the Board of Studies, Microsoft, SOCOG and the Australian Rugby Union.






With a degree in Chemical Engineering, Alison is a specialist in process engineering and quality assurance.  Alison initially worked for Honeywell Australia building engineering large scale industrial control systems.  She further applied her experience developing audit and reporting processes within Citi Group and the Australian Prudential Regulations Authority.  Armed with this experience Alison has been instrumental in developing the business logic that underlies the StrataReno platform.  Alison is the key systems architect working alongside our IT development team translating input from our building experts into decision rules for the StrataReno system.  Alison has had direct sales and marketing experience having previously developed an on-line retail sales business providing household goods to consumers.