How it works

Talk to your Strata Manager or Owners Corporation about registering your building on the StrataReno system.  StrataReno tracks key building facts that will assist you in planning your desired renovation.  This information assists all stakeholders to be able to make better decisions for their properties and those of their neighbours. 

Your Strata Manager or Owners Corporation can update the Base Building information for your building so that the forms are customised to your unique building situation. Details like by-laws, notice period, floor construction, asbestos and standard work conditions can all be recorded for your building.


Register at StrataReno and add your property.



Provide Notice of your renovation starting with the button "Start Reno".  The questions are specific to your building using Base Building information provided by your Strata Manager. 

Your Strata Manager will receive the notice, review your submission and will start the process for approval as specified by your Owners Corporation.